Meet Jonathan Fisher

It sounds crazy to say it but after some dark years of my life things have changed so much. In three short years I found my calling again as the Junior High Director at Hope for Opelousas, and I met and married my best friend Kait. Life is pretty good! Let me tell you a bit about my story and how I ended up here.

As a young man in high school, I remember my football coach having high expectations for me and at the same time he was personally dedicated to seeing me be successful. After starting college, the unfortunate path I had chosen ended with a trip to a 3-month rehab. While I was at the Home of Grace I got an unexpected answer to prayer—a letter from my high school coach promising a spot on his coaching staff in New Orleans if I would finish college. I successfully graduated from rehab and went on to graduate college with a degree in Education, although by that time hurricane Katrina had taken away my offer to coach in New Orleans. From that point I took a job in the oilfield and soon decided to start my own business.

My life was at a low point. My health was poor and I felt like my life was passing me by quickly. I decided to slow down and try to take better care of my soul, which included starting to volunteer at Hope for Opelousas. The passion I had for coaching was reignited as I worked with the kids. I decided to take one of the best words of counseling I had ever received and I sold my business and began an internship at HFO.

I have high standards for the kids I serve, the same expectations I have for my own son. I want them to be motivated to work hard in school and in the work force. I want them to take responsibility for their grades so they can have a life they are proud of, and for them to realize that achievement comes along with personal responsibility. I’ve had so many people pour into my life and make me who I am, but if I wouldn’t have worked hard and taken advantage of my opportunities I would have missed out on so much. I know that once my students start on the path to success, they will see that there is support all around them to help them accomplish their goals.

There is hope for the darkest situations, I know personally. Put hope and hard work together and through God’s goodness you can have the greatest thing in life, Joy! This too, I know personally!