A Day for All Seasons

For the past two Christmases, several HFO families have been blessed by the generosity of a program facilitated by Westminster Christian Academy entitled “Jesus Cares.”In the spirit of giving, with the intent of spreading the love the Gospel, several classes at WCA “adopt” a family for Christmas. Students set out to meet these families’ needs by collecting money, food, toys, clothes and household items.

 This year I had the privilege of delivering the gifts from WCA to our HFO families. How exciting for me to see the faces of those moms! I pulled up bearing gifts for their children, food for their tables, and a check to help them finish Christmas shopping. Sitting down with some of them sifting through the boxes of donations was like Christmas morning right then and there. I watched Tremika, mom to three HFO students, find the family-sized rice cooker she had needed. I saw the look of relief on another mother’s face as she opened a check that would get her family through the month. These women were full of disbelief, and great appreciation. Aren’t those what our emotions should be over Christmas every year?

 The Savoy family was one of the families blessed by the kindness of WCA students. Ravin Savoy and her five kids were adopted by Ms. Vis’ first grade class. The first-graders excitedly presented toys, new dishes, and silverware. A few weeks ago Ravin approached me about thanking Ms. Vis’ class. Knowing what her own kids enjoyed, Ravin initiated a class party. Last Friday, the two of us headed over to WCA with cupcakes, ice cream, and little goody bags for each of the students.


 When we pulled up, those little first-graders looked like they were meeting superstars, without even knowing what was going on! While Ravin passed out the treats, Ms. Vis remarked, “you now have twenty-five new best friends . . . they will be talking about this for weeks.”

 It was so much fun to share this experience with Ravin. Not only was she blessed by the generosity of those kids, but she was blessed by their little spirits of thankfulness when she visited that day. Ravin has a beautiful, wide smile, and let me tell you, that smile was all you saw in the time we spent at WCA. She commented afterwards that visiting the class made her want to get back into substitute teaching. I hope she does. Ravin has so much to offer her community, and it’s a joy to know this working mother of five. What a beautiful reminder of how valuable relationships are, and what precious gifts to experience year-round.