A Dream Comes True

Yesterday afternoon I visited Hope for Opelousas around 4:30pm.   Larry Callier, ex Opelousas Chief of Police, is recovering from gall bladder surgery was with me.  Larry was instrumental in getting HFO's youth programs started.  I wanted him to see HFO's tutoring program in action.  All rooms of our facility were occupied with volunteer tutors and young students doing homework.  Larry was encouraged that these kids were getting a chance to succeed academically and be loved by our volunteers.  "This is great and could be taking place all over the city.  We talked about starting this and now it is happening."  were some of  Larry's comments. Over 3 years ago Hope for Opelousas was just a dream.  Today over 20 Opelousas children are tutored 3 days a week.  Many of these same children have experienced LSU and ULL football, basketball, and baseball games.  They have visited Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston and some have climbed the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  College students and interns from Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, and Tennessee have come to Opelousas to rebuild houses and love the people of our city.  Local volunteers are sharing their lives with children and families they have come to know through Hope for Opelousas.

"These kids have dreams like you and I had when we were young,"  Larry said yesterday.  Young people dream about a better future.  Hope for Opelousas dreams of a better future for the people of Opelousas.  We believe "Love changes everything!"  Hope for Opelousas needs your support to make dreams become reality.  Many of you have supported Hope for Opelousas from its inception, many, many thanks to you.  Some of you are only now hearing of Hope for Opelousas.  I ask all of you to pray for the people of Opelousas and for Hope for Opelousas.  I also ask you to make a financial donation to Hope for Opelousas.  I know times are tough and finances are tight.  Your prayers and financial support help put "skin on skin", connects people to people, and makes the dream of "Love changes everything" come true.  Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays from all of us at Hope for Opelousas.

Reggie Dupre'

Board Member HFO