A New Beginning...


Fall is here, school is in session, and the Hill House is rockin! We are currently working with 20 students which doubled the amount of students we worked with last year. Due to a great response from the community we have also doubled the amount of volunteers serving at HFO on a weekly basis.

We have been blessed to have a new volunteer, Miss Raegan Quebedeaux, who is employed as a Reading Interventionist at North Elementary. Raegan is helping us do testing with each student to asses independent reading levels and know exactly where to begin working with students that are behind. This has been very exciting but also bitter sweet to see how far behind some of our students are.

With this information we have begun to meet with teachers, principles, school board officials, and parents trying to come up with a cohesive plan to help our students.

We need your prayers!

1. Pray that God would bless our efforts to help these struggling students.

2. Pray that we could have fruitful discussion with School Board Officials and Principles about interventions and class sizes. (we have 5 students in a class with 34 students and 1 teacher all day).

3. Pray for our parents that they would have the courage to do whatever it takes to help their kids succeed.

4. Pray for our students that they may make strong relationships with our volunteers and staff.

As usual I find myself somewhere between excitement and being overwhelmed. Excited about the great things the Lord has done, but overwhelmed by how far we have to go. Today I'm believing that things can change, and tomorrow we will look back and see how God is leading us and loving his people!

Special thanks to our volunteers for being the change, and being changed in the process.