Adventure Crew Reflections- Keith Biagase


Adventure Crew has changed my life forever. Traveling to different cities was amazing! I had many new experiences. My relationships with friends have gotten stronger because of this trip. My time on Adventure Crew has taught me to never give up.

I visited four cities that I had never visited before. The first city was Washington D.C. I rented a bike for the first time. We were a part of a large group that got to visit the U.S. Capitol building.

Next stop was Bennington Vermont, the hike! The hike was super hard! We had to climb many steep hills. Mr. Loren motivated me to stay in front the group, when we were going up the highest peak in Vermont. Feeling like leaders, the boys remained in the front, even though we gave the girls a head start. I hate oatmeal. But, on the trail I ate some anyway. At times, most of us wanted to give up. We leaned on each other and kept going.

New York! New York! I have dreamed about going to New York for a long time. My dream came true! Riding bikes with traffic, playing basketball at on of the courts in Central Park, riding the beast to see the Statue of Liberty.  It was everything I imagined the Big City would be.

Chattanooga Tennessee was our last stop. We climbed to the top of a cliff and jumped into a lake! Looking down was very scary. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I had seen this in a movie called “Grown Ups.”

Adventure Crew gave me many first time experiences. My family was happy that I was able to be a part of the crew. I learned to keep trying even if I’m in a hard situation. I will remember that same drive in school and in everything I do. I am very thankful Mr. Loren and Ms. Kristina picked me to be a part of the crew. I appreciate that they took the time to bring us on the trip.