Cassandra- My Road to Hope


Cassandra Westpfahl

Elementary Director

Four years ago, I was a Sophomore at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. The opportunity to go on a Spring Service Project was brought to my attention early in the year. I filled out an application marking Hope for Opelousas as my number one choice. I was ecstatic when I was informed I would be able to go. I thought I would get a few days of experience in a classroom and potentially help paint a house in the community. I was not, by any means, expecting to have an experience that would change my life forever. One short term mission trip turned into two SSP trips and two Summer internships. I fell in love with the mission of Hope for Opelousas, and fueled my desire to make a change in this world using the simple truth that, “Love Changes Everything.”

I often get asked, “What was it that made you want to work for Hope for Opelousas?” The answer is easy to me. The children. The students at HFO know how to fill your heart with joy. They encourage, support, and love one another as if they were all one big family. As I further my journey here at HFO, I continue to learn and grow alongside the amazing community that makes Hope for Opelousas a true treasure. I am confident that God has outstanding plans for HFO and I am excited that I have the opportunity to be apart of that process.