Karly Summy - Summer Intern from Northwestern College in Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Friends of HFO, 

HI! My name is Karly Summy, I am going to be a sophomore at Northwestern College, but I am from Des Moines Iowa. I got connected with Hope for Opelousas through my school and actually got the chance to spend a week down in Opelousas this past March. I fell in love with the community and that is how I wound up back down her for the summer.

This summer I was in charge of planning all the math lessons for the elementary and junior high and keeping up on what the kids were learning, and the progress they were making.  I also got to work closely with the new 4th grade class in reading. I really connected with this class! It was super cool to hang out with them even outside of tutoring! I got to take some of them out to eat, played tons of games, and even went to one of the 4th grader’s baseball games and we got to make posters to help cheer him on!
My summer was absolutely amazing! This experience, and working with the kids taught me not only patience but how to be loving and stern at the same time. I learned many things that will help when I become a teacher and this summer helped me realize that I do want to become a teacher! I’m so thankful for HFO and the opportunities given to me, and I can’t wait to come back and serve with them again soon!!!

Grace Corps 2013- Welcome Bryan!



Let me introduce myself...

My name is Bryan Duffey. Most people call me Duff or some variation. I consider myself to be a pretty chill guy that needs God’s grace every minute of my life.

I was born and raised in Alliance, on the west side of Nebraska, where I played football, basketball, soccer, and baseball; and was involved in my youth group.

After high school I decided to attend Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, where I played soccer and recently graduated with a Christian Ed./Youth Ministry degree.  I love being outdoors and pushing my body to its limit.

I have worked with kids for many years by coaching soccer, leading small groups at youth group, and volunteering for youth events. I have also volunteered my spring breaks to serve at other non-profit organizations in Lindale, TX; Denver, CO; Jonesboro, AR; and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

I have always wanted to work with a non-profit organization. Back in November, my friend was attending a wedding in New Orleans and invited me to tag along and check out Opelousas and HFO.  When we came down in December, we learned a lot about the organization and got to experience Southern culture. I returned home and after a few months of thinking I decided to start my post-graduate life as a Grace Corps Intern with a one-year commitment to HFO. 

I am excited to learn, grow, and share alongside the organization and community.  If you need a listening ear I am more than happy to listen.

Love Changes Everythingduff

Meet Alli, 2013 HFO Summer Intern (Part 3)


Name: Alli Halter School: Northwestern College of Iowa

Major: Elementary Education, endorsing in special education, reading, and TESL

Application of major: Teaching inner-city, preferable under grade 3

Volunteer work: Two weeks in Nicaragua with a non-profit named Lacrosse the Nations, work for a non-profit named Love Light and Melody, work at an afterschool program named Sun Valley Youth Center, running the nursery and 3 and under rooms at church

Passions: Love coaching girls hockey, working with children, and also working with animals

How I got to HFO: A teacher, and my RD, Hannah McBride recommended the program to me. Also I felt like God was calling me to do educational work outside of my community, so when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it quickly.





Meet Layce, 2013 HFO Summer Intern (Part 2)

Layce Johnson

Name: Layce Quinn Johnson Hometown: Tulare, California

School: Northwestern College in Orange City, IA

Major: Elementary Education & Special Education with an endorsement in reading.

Volunteer Work:

-        Kids camps for various athletics

-        Mexico Mission trip through Young Life in high school- I was baptized here!

-        Spring Service Project: (Through Northwestern) I came to Opelousas over spring break. I helped paint Ms. Kelly’s house and worked in the special education class at South Street!


-        Children: Coaching, teaching, playing, all around working with children

-        Sports: I played water polo, soccer, softball, track, and swimming growing up. Currently playing soccer and running track at Northwestern! I also love to wakeboard, surf, kayak, fish, ropes course, zip-line, etc.—outdoors & adventurous!

-        Coaching: Soccer, swimming, baseball/softball, basketball

-        Reading

-        Animals: have various animals at home- raised/showed hogs, several dogs, donkeys. I also love wild animals.

At HFO: I work with students to improve reading. I run the reading clinic as well as working one on one with students. I am also preparing lesson plans for the upcoming school year.

After college:

-        I plan on looking for a teaching position in the South and a great possibility of Opelousas.

-        I would also like to work for a non-profit to help mentor students in the neighborhood.

Why I’m at HFO:

-        I came to Opelousas for a spring service project. Working in the schools and with the HFO crew challenged me and I decided to do my reading student teaching here this summer. I fell in love with everything over spring break so it encouraged me to come back!


Layce Johnson



Meet Isaiah, 2013 HFO Summer Intern (Part 1)

Isaiah Twitty

  My name is Isaiah Twitty, I'm 21 years old from Chesapeake, VA. I attend school at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. I am a senior majoring in Sport Management-Media/Information, just another way to say Sports Broadcasting. My future has a lot of paths that it could go: after college I will either be getting my masters in communication, start applying in the workforce, or try to go out for the NFL or arena league. Aside from interning at HFO this summer, I went on a Spring Service Project to Cary, MS this past March. I have done many local camps both at home and at college, along with serving with my church back at home. I'm passionate about sports and learning new things that can help be become a better man but also closer to God. I try to put others before myself and take care of myself after. My connection with HFO came from my host mom at college coming to Opelousas for a service trip and the rest took care of itself. I'm truly blessed for the people in my life and I'm excited to see what other people are put into my life while I'm here.



HFO Inside Perspective - Part 1 (Internship)


JackieWhen I began my college internship at HFO a little over a month ago, I was excited to have a part in a program that benefits children and the community. I had no idea of the impact it would have on me. Before I even began my work volunteering, I had such positive interactions with the staff and felt welcomed right away. On my first day I observed openness and felt a feeling of family between the students and workers that was strong. It was impressive to see the amount of planning, creativity, and organizational skills that are exerted by the staff daily to keep this program operating smoothly and fully. They have a gift for exerting a youthful energy and focus while maintaining professional roles.

What is so unique about Hope For Opelousas is the foundation. Operating under the principles of faith, students are encouraged to grow in an environment that allows opportunities to improve and excel spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially. Young men and women are being equipped to bring positive change into their lives and generation. This impact will affect future generations of families, schools, churches, communities and cities. The city of Opelousas does have hope for the future and Hope For Opelousas is advancing that hope and making a change.

 Jackie 2

Stay tuned for more in this series as we hear insight from students and staff at HFO.