Meet our 2015 Agents of Hope

The Agents of Hope program is HFO's creative staffing solution providing 10 high school juniors and seniors with a paid internship and HFO with tutors for our younger kids.  This program is truly a partnership where Love is changing everything.  Meet our 2015 Agents below (click the image to zoom in on the image): 

A Blessing of Success and a Reason for Hope


brooklyn She is very quiet but she is fierce! Brooklyn, a fifth grade student, has proved to everyone that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Brooklyn would sit on the stairs or at a picnic table during her free time and would start her homework instead of just hanging out and relaxing like she could have been doing. I saw Brooklyn with her nose in her books every day, working her hardest and putting forth an effort but she was still struggling. I was able to meet with Brooklyn’s teachers and her mother to talk about how hard she works and to figure out what we can do to help her even more. After talking with her teachers and Brooklyn, she decided that she would like to work on her homework the whole time at tutoring and forgo her free time. For the past couple of months Brooklyn has been working her tail off and she has seen the payoff of her hard work. Brooklyn struggled to even get a C and now her lowest grade is a C! Brooklyn wants to succeed and knows what it takes to succeed and we are all very proud of her.






Once you meet Tavian you probably won’t forget him. His polite deminor is only part of his charm, and his sense of humor will likely lead him into some sort of memorable exchange that will leave you with a smile. If not, his smile will leave you no choice but to smile