Summer Camp

Everything in Dallas is BIG! by Tavian

I am writing to you today to tell you about my trip to Dallas. When we went to Dallas there were 17 kids and 5 adults. The boys were in one van and the girls were in another one. It was 6 hours before we made it to Dallas where everything is BIG!!


Mr. Loren told me that it was just going to be about 7 kids going. Come to find out when he came to pick me up they had almost all of them in there. When we made it to Dallas they said that we were just going to down town Dallas to walk around. When we went to Six Flags we asked “what are we doing here?”, he said that we are coming to PLAY!! First we ate lunch and then went to the park. When I got in I almost rode every ride. We got on a ride that was so fun that we rode it about 5 times. At the end of the first day we got on a ride that looked ok but it was not. It was the TEACUPS!! When DD, Ty, Kaylan, and I got off it we all were sick! After all of that was that was over Loren told us to get together to take a family picture.

That night we all went to the gym to play b-ball and take a shower. When we got to the church it was so big that it was about 2 blocks long. After that it was time to hit the hay. The next day Loren told us that we were going to a play were you get wet. We went to Six Flags waterpark. Over there I went on every ride. The wave pool was so much fun. The waves were about 8 feet tall. We were there for about 5 hours playing all day. Mr. Johnny, Matt, and Keanu were on the biggest ride there, the Sky Coaster. My favorite ride was the Black Hole. When we got back to the car we were ready to eat. We got back to church and went to the showers. After that we played Hide and Seek. The next morning we went to church with the people out there. Their church was the bomb. After church we went get all of the thing and came back home.

Some things I learned on the trip were no matter how far you go in life God can always turn you around. What I mean about that is that me and DD get into a fight and look we was together the whole trip. I also learned that no matter how mean you are to somebody you should always love that person. What I mean by that is no matter how I am to my sister are anybody I should love them because that is what the Lord would want me to do.

So that was the trip to Dallas where everything is BIG!!


We at Hope for Opelousas have much to be thankful for as we look back on our beginning year of 2008.  God called us to love our city with His Love and He promised He would be there with us and in us to do the loving.  It is now early December and as we look back, we see that He in fact was faithful to fulfill that promise.  Let's recall how He was our Big Loving Father during HFO's first year:

  • Loren Carriere became HFO's first Managing Director.
  • Bryan College of Tennessee and Northwestern College of Iowa were our first two college groups to utitlize what we call HFO Immersion Experiences.
  • We were officially incorporated and approved for 501c-3 status.
  • Our first board of directors was formed and first board meeting held in February.
  • Our first 2 college interns served during the summer.
  • We purchased a van and our house on Madison St.
  • We held our first summer camp for the kids on The Hill.
  • God sent the first group of tutor volunteers and has kept sending more.
  • We began our afternoon tutoring program in August.
  • The children have enjoyed several field trips.
  • We have met many great neighbors in The Hill and Opelousas has come to know about Hope for Opelousas even through newspaper articles.
  • We have sponsored and continue to support a neighbor who is now at Home of Grace, a Christian Rehab Center located in south Mississippi.
  • We have been blessed by numerous generous donors who gave time, resources, money, but most of all, love.

Yes, we have much to thankful for as we look back.  But, to our surprise most of the times, we got to see our Loving Father be Big as we sensed our smallness and inability to get HFO off the ground, and even love our neighbors.  Thanks to all of you who have joined us on this journey, you know who you are.  Thank You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit !!

Summer Camp

Hope For Opelousas held a summer day-camp during the week of July 28th, 2008 for 16 youth from our city.  The kids had opportunities to learn and sing some new songs, hear stories from the Bible, play games, do some crafts, go swimming, and even travel to Clark Creek Natural Area for some hiking and playing in the waterfalls.  Check out the photo gallery for pictures.