Christian Community Development Association: Tory's Response


IMG_5254God = Unity in Diversity The most valuable takeaway for me from this year’s CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) “Cultivate” conference was the importance of diversity in the Christian community. Over the course of the conference, I saw great diversity unified by a passion for some good news to reach broken places and people (the uncorrupted definition of evangelism).

This was most strongly felt during the worship sessions, performed by multi-ethnic musicians: African American, Latino, Asian, etc., in addition to the usually solo Caucasian worship team members. To hear songs sung in many languages made my soul aware of the true nature of God: In Isaiah 66:18, God says “I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.” I got to get a glimpse of that.

Do we think of the church as being diverse? How does the church handle diversity? Does diversity divide your church? What a blessing to see diversity reveal the true nature of God instead of causing hatred and bitterness. How is it possible for such extremely diverse people to be unified together in such an intimate practice as worship? The only answer is the power of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit working in each member brings the body together into a whole and functioning Person, aka, “the Church.”


Go and do,