Colorado Through Keisha's Eyes

Hi my name is Lekeisha Lyle, but I’m known as Keisha. I have been with Hope for Opelousas since it first started. I am now entering the 10th grade at Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts. The trip to Durango Colorado was awesome. We got to see things that we never thought we would be able to see. Well at least I did. We had a great ride there and back, signing songs, telling jokes, and not to mention sleeping made the time go by really fast. When we arrived the sights were so beautiful……especially the tall mountains because as you know, we can’t see that down here in Louisiana.  And the weather was totally different than what we are used to. The things that we did on the trip were really fun. The first thing that we did that I will never ever forget is when we road the Durango-Silverton Train. We were really excited.  We entertained lots of people on the train. We danced and sang for them, which made the train ride even better. Then once we hit the trail we all attempted to climb a mountain that was around 13 thousand feet called Columbine Pass. 3 of the 8 students made it up there, I wasn’t one L. But after we left off the trail we stayed at a church and that same night the sponsors surprised us with something. We were going WHITE WATER RAFTING the next day. It was a huge experience a couple of us jumped out and swam in the water next to the raft for a bit. But we still had a blast.

This hiking trip to Durango Colorado was and still is a huge experience for me. When it was first brought to my attention to go hiking this year, I thought it would be easy since I had already attended the camping trip to Tennessee last year. Boy was I wrong! Although the trip was very challenging I saw God working in it, in some of the simplest ways ever.

To me it seems as though He used this trip for me to get closer to my friends and my family. I got to know someone a whole lot better who I doubted when I first met, and now we’re best of friends. Also my brother went on the trip and we got alone just fine, except for small things. But to me it was a big step. That was just some small ways I saw God working in me to be a better person.

I also realized, not only on this trip, but through Hope for Opelousas, that God loves me no matter what and that I can go to Him for anything.