Hannah McBride Intro. to HFO!

Hello, Opelousas and friends of Hope for Opelousas!! This is Hannah McBride, HFO’s new face for the year. I am pumped to be in this place, living the dream—the dream of test-running Grace Corps, that is! Grace Corps is a hopeful addition to the programming here at HFO, a branch between summer internships offered for college students, and the full-time staff. I will be working for the next twelve months as a sort of intern, contributing skills in communications and a desire to see this community grow in love and resources. I moved down to Opelousas this past weekend, fresh from time spent with my family—we hail from outside Philadelphia, PA—after leaving my work in the Midwest. I have spent the last two years working as an Admissions Counselor for Northwestern College in Northwest Iowa, where I also got my B.A. after studying Theatre. I loved my time spent in that community, and I am so ready to find a whole new love for warm people, a diverse area, and the Cajun flavor here in Louisiana!

As you probably know, the way God orchestrates us to move from place to place is sometimes long-winded and mysterious, and sometimes it happens swiftly and surprisingly. This past Spring Break, I was privileged to co-advise a service project for Northwestern College students. We packed ourselves into two vans and drove down here, perpetuating a relationship between the college and HFO’s work. I found myself in conversation with Loren and Kristina, keeping up with one of their favorite activities—dreaming. HFO made an offer I was thrilled to accept, and just a few months later, here I am!

This year I will be writing grants, updating communications, loving kids, working on fundraising, having some great talks with Loren and Kristina, and learning I can only imagine what!!

Am I ready for this? Probably not.

Am I excited about that? Absolutely thrilled.

If there is one thing I have already learned from these people, there is plenty of flexibility in grace. I cannot wait to see what happens this year through rising to a challenge in trusting what God’s grace does to our lives when we accept it. I crave your prayers as I learn a little of what it is to support these people.  Stay in touch with us here at HFO to see what crazy things happen this year!