HFO Purchases High School House

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When we started HFO 7 years ago we began with elementary and junior-high aged kids. Like a charter school, each year HFO’s scope of work expands by a grade level. For 4-8th grade we have a capacity of 40 students, but each year our high school will grow until it reaches approximately 40 students as well. This past year we worked with 10-15 high school students daily in our small office upstairs above the computer lab. These conditions weren’t conducive to the type of environment that would best serve our students, and we knew that with each passing year this number would continue to grow making the need for a bigger space urgent. Our Board had been considering some intermediate options to sustain our growth until a permanent option was available. Then we heard about one of our neighbors who passed away suddenly. Mrs. Dorothy owned the red house on the corner of Madison and Union. She was a teacher, a member of the Episcopal Church here in town, and had done many mission trips to South America in the past. When her family heard we were interested in another house they wanted us to have the house.

Our purchase of the house was finalized the last week of May. We will begin preparing the house this summer and will have it full of students this fall. We have a vision to pay off this house in a year and are looking for willing individuals to help make this vision a reality. We will have matching funds available to double the impact of every gift made towards our High School house. If you want to make a contribution into this resource that will benefit the lives of kids here in Opelousas for many years to come this opportunity is for you. To God be the Glory! IMG_8671 2