Introducing the Agents of Hope: Kiana & Miaya

We have shared many stories on our blog about senior HFO staff and of the students who are members of our tutoring program--but have you heard about our Agents of Hope? The Agents of Hope ( program is a paid internship we offer to High School students, funded by a generous grant from the Pugh Family Foundation. During the semester-long internship, these high school employees have the double task of helping manage our tutoring program, as well as completing a leadership development and job training program. We are excited about this opportunity to invest in the community by hiring High School seniors here at HFO.

IMG_0704Kiana Savoie is a senior at Northwest, and just celebrated a birthday on February 10--Happy birthday Kiana!! She has two siblings and her favorite meal is Chinese. She has time in her day to have real “FaceTime” because she says she only spends about an hour on her phone each day. A great achievement, she says one thing she can brag about is her good grades--Go Kiana!

She would tell the world that she loves her family and friends, and that she is planning on becoming a “family practitioner.” She thinks that dedicated and caring teachers are what Opelousas needs most. She says that maybe if students had these positive influences they would care more about their lives and their actions. She is a positive influence on our students and we expect great things from her in the future!

IMG_0717Miaya Bryant is a Senior from OHS with two siblings who says she can brag about “her good looks.” If you want to get in touch with her, the best way just might be through her phone because she says she’s on it all day. Her birthday was December 28, so if you didn’t tell her already, it is too late to wish her Happy Birthday. What was her favorite food? Loaded fries, pasta, and pecan pie for dessert.

Watch out, world! Miaya said if she could tell the world one thing, it would be that she is proud of who she is and that she can’t wait to see who she will become. She must enjoy her work here at Hope for Opelousas, because she said that what Opelousas needs most are positive activities for kids to engage in. We are pumped to have her working at HFO!


In the future, look forward to meeting more of our Agents of Hope here on the HFO blog!