LSU's J.C. Copeland Visits HFO!


J.C. Copeland is a beast on the gridiron.  You watch him creative holes and power the ball forward on the big stage in “Death Valley”.  You don’t want to look at J.C. in the face on the field but get him in his sweats on a Sunday morning and you have a sweet, soft spoke, confident man.  Our boys were excited for the change to get to throw some passes with a true LSU football player; one they watched the day before on playing on TV.  He was no longer a distant hero but a new friend.  As he sat and told the stories of struggles he came through to get to LSU they boys sat with more attention then I think I have ever seen in them.  They had great questions and J.C. was so candid and encouraging with his words.  We want to thank our new friend for giving his time, especially in a season that time is so valuable.  Come visit again!