Jasmine and Her Trumpet

Guest post by Melanie Lee-LeBouef, City of Opelousas Tourism

Once upon a time there lived a lovely young girl named Jasmine.  Jasmine enjoyed spending time at Hope for Opelousas and  playing her trumpet. One day a music ensemble showed up at Jasmine’s school to perform for the students. Jasmine listened quietly as the musicians played the flute, oboe, French horn, clarinet and bassoon. 

Jasmine liked all of the instruments. Her favorite was the oboe. The next day, while jasmine was walking across the street to attend her after school tutoring she recognized the musicians who had played at her school. They were visiting her city to help make it a better place. Jasmine was excited to see them and told them she liked their instruments and she told them she played the trumpet. They asked her if she would play her trumpet for them. Jasmine remembered her trumpet was at her cousins house who lived down the street. She ran as fast as she could to his house to get her trumpet. She ran so fast when she came back to play her trumpet she couldn't because she was out of breath. And then..she tried again and there was silence...and the music ensemble smiled while they listened to the most beautiful sound coming from Jasmine’s trumpet...the sound of HOPE.   Love Changes Everything..