Meet Alli, 2013 HFO Summer Intern (Part 3)


Name: Alli Halter School: Northwestern College of Iowa

Major: Elementary Education, endorsing in special education, reading, and TESL

Application of major: Teaching inner-city, preferable under grade 3

Volunteer work: Two weeks in Nicaragua with a non-profit named Lacrosse the Nations, work for a non-profit named Love Light and Melody, work at an afterschool program named Sun Valley Youth Center, running the nursery and 3 and under rooms at church

Passions: Love coaching girls hockey, working with children, and also working with animals

How I got to HFO: A teacher, and my RD, Hannah McBride recommended the program to me. Also I felt like God was calling me to do educational work outside of my community, so when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it quickly.