Meet Candice

By: Nasia Woods, Elementary Director

As the new year continues to unfold, I have the pleasure of watching our kids get closer to achieving the goals they've set out at the beginning of the school year. Each month the Elementary House intends to highlight a standout student or tutor in our program.

One student who has been shining consistently is Candice Greene. Candice is a brilliant 5th grader who currently attends South Street Elementary school. She's passionate about art and dance and desires to be a film director or teacher when she grows up. Last year, Candice finished the year with a 3.83 cumulative GPA, but immediately set her sights higher for the 2016-17 school year.

She has maintained a 4.0 GPA, is a 3X student of the week winner (an school-wide honor bestowed upon her for scholastic excellence and perfect behavior), a member of Beta club & was nominated for student of the year. Candice has won numerous awards at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church for her commitment to church activities. Candice loves math and learning about black history, reading, and going to tutoring. Her new goal is to maintain her 4.0 GPA and learn how to play the piano. Candice's biggest "Hope" for Opelousas is to stop the violence.

Candice is a model student and a perfect example of the many gems hiding in Opelousas. We are truly proud of all of her achievements and excited for any future endeavors she may pursue in the future!