Meet our 2016/2017 Agents of Hope

Top: Sarah Adams, Tamia Green, Chris Sapp, Peyton Haynes

Middle: La'Shae Duplechain, Nakaya Boutte

Bottom: A’Kilah Ponder, Kenntriavine Rosette, Keylee Boone, Kelsey Smith


MACA, 12th Grade, would like to attend LSU and become a Radiology Tech

Why I decided to work at HFO? I would get to work with children and give back to the community

Greatest hope for our kids: To see them succeed in their endeavors

Cool/Random Fact: I'm really good at hulahooping


Opelousas High School, 12th Grade, would like to pursue architecture engineering at UL or Southern University 

My future: The career I'm pursuing in is architecture engineering. I'm pursuing this because I have always wanted to design and build my own house one day and if I could do my own, then I could do other people's and make this my career. They also make a good amount of money.

Why I decided to work at HFO?: Because I felt it would be a good job for me to bond with people of different ages that are younger than me. Also I felt I could help out with anything they needed help with.

Greatest hope for HFO: My greatest hope for the kids is for them to be the best that they can be and grow up to be whatever they put their mind to.


CAPS, 12th Grade, I would like to attend UL Lafayette to be a nurse practitioner  

What career I'm pursuing and why : I am going to be a nurse practitioner because I feel that there's not enough male nurses and we could be a big help to the nurse community

Why did I decide to work for HFO: I felt that I can change the life of a child taking the wrong path and I like being involved with activities that will better my community.

My greatest hope for our kids: Is help them to become very successful in life.

My favorite HFO memory : My favorite memory is the recent Halloween party that I and all the kids enjoyed


MACA, 12th grade, ULL or LSU studying for a degree in Kinesiology or Radiology

My future: I chose this path because I love science and the anatomy of the body and I am also very passionate about helping people in anyway possible and I feel either or these choices would allow my to further that interest.

Why HFO: I decided to for Hope for Opelousas because it was a way for me to help in the betterment of Opelousas by actually working without future generation instead of voicing an opinion, which many people do instead of assisting.

My greatest hope for the kids: Is that they find their own path and then continue to encourage and put forth effort to also help, encourage, and inspire others around them instead of moving forward.


MACA, 12th grade, Attend LSUE to become a Radiology tech

Why HFO: I think working for HFO will help me with my future. I will be able to have better communication and organization skills. Also, I love working with children.

Hope: I hope that one day all of our children would grow up to be successful in whatever they want to do.

Fact about me: I am an artist and also currentlylearning to play the piano.

Favorite HFO Memory: When we went in a tour of Opelousas general and got stuck in the elevator.


Class of 2016, Alumni of Opelousas High would like to attend LSUE in Criminal justice because I want to impact the community in a better way then it has impacted me.

Why HFO: I decided to work at HFO because it has been a big part in my life and it's something I never want to lose.

My greatest hope: Is that all of our kids will prosper in all things they do!

A cool fact is that Loren is my dad. Okay not really, but really. Lol

My favorite memory at HFO continues to happen every year when I meet our new fourth grade babies.


MACA, 12th Grade, would like to become a Pediatric Surgeon after studying at Xavier

Why you decided to work for HFO: I wanted to do my part in making the future brighter

Your greatest hope for our kids: To love themselves for who they are

Favorite memory: When we sat with Mr. Fish and Mr. Loren and they told us stories


MACA, 12th grade, plan on attending either LSU for anesthesiology or ULL to pursue psychology.

My future: I'm choosing to go into these fields because helping people has always been a passion of mine and I can accomplish this with these steps I'm taking toward my future.

Why HFO: I decided to work for Hope for Opelousas because I love working with kids and this program not only gave me the chance to but offered so much more. Hope for Opelousas really does live by the motto "Love changes everything" and to be a part of that love is the greatest feeling in the world.

My biggest hope for our kids: Is that they realize how amazing they are and realize those full potential and never let anyone hold them back from being anything they want. I want our kids to know that they always have our support and that they are capable of more than their circumstances. Most of all, I hope our kids will take all of the love and positivity we put into them and put it into others.

HFO: I enjoy working at Hope for Opelousas because when I was younger I didn't have that type of environment to push and motivate me and that's what makes this program so special. I was born in New Orleans and I have five sisters. I was forced to move at 6 years old due to Katrina, and I've been in Opelousas ever since and it has made all the difference.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory at HFO is when T.G. (Tyra) and Jazzy J (Jasmine) has their first rap battle.