Meet the Interns-Emily Laackman

My name is Emily Laackmann and I am from Doon, Iowa. I am attending Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa and studying Secondary Education with a concentration in music.

    I am an elementary and junior high English intern at Hope for Opelousas. This summer we have been reading books from the students’ school summer reading lists and writing book reports about them. The elementary students are beginning the process of learning about what to write about for book reports and illustrating what they are writing, such as the setting, main characters, and the main ideas of their books. The junior high students have been learning the process of writing a book report in a formal essay format. In their reading and writing, they are learning how to figure out the main idea, plot, and resolutions to their books and to put it into writing.

    This is my first summer working with HFO and I have loved every minute here. Through HFO, I have been learning how to apply what I have learned in college to the classroom. It has been great getting to know each and every student here and I am glad that I have the chance to interact with them in the classroom as well as during their free time activities. My bosses and co-workers have shown genuine interest and care in their employees as well as the students and have made my experience here extremely enjoyable. I am glad to know that I have such an awesome support system here to strengthen my personal growth as well as my growth as an educator. 

    In the future, I would like to teach as a band director in either a middle school or a high school setting that needs growth in their music program. I want to share my passion of music with others and help develop that passion of learning and creativity in others.