Mission Memories - Part 3



 Brandon Frick - I really enjoyed getting to know the kids at Hope for Opelousas. It was really fun to get to play some basketball with some of the kids I helped with at Opelousas Junior High School. It was also cool to meet some new faces that I didn't see at school. Basketball was the first way I met the kids outside of the schools and it was great to see them interact with the staff at Hope for Opelousas. It showed how much the kids can brighten up someone's day with a simple game.








Dana Kleinjan - My favorite part about working with Hope for Opelousas was spending time in the schools getting to know the kids. They were SOO awesome!











Jill Lemke - One of my favorite parts of this trip to Opelousas was having my friend Tray remember me! I totally did not expect for any of the kids to remember my face, let alone my name. I remember connecting with him quite a bit last year; we talked and he even made me a necklace, so it was super meaningful for me this year to have him remember me! What an important realization, that what we do in Opelousas is meaningful and remembered!










Amanda Kirsch - One of my favorite memories from our week at HFO is the block party we threw after the early out. For those of us on the mission team who were not in the schools, it was a blessing to spend time with the kids and be revitalized by their energy. I loved seeing old and new faces and recognizing love at work.