Mission Memories

Jenna Harms 2

Layce Johnson

 Layce Johnson - While preparing for Opelousas I was EXTREMELY worried about the time I would spend in the classroom. I just really didn't know what to expect. Come to find out, I was blessed to work with 11 angels and a saint for a teacher. I learned so much through all of these students. Most of them challenged me in ways that I have never been challenged before and Mrs. Gremillion taught me that love really can make a huge difference! This class did many things for me but the best of them all was that they reminded me of why I wanted to become a teacher. I can’t wait to go back!




Julie Anderson

 Julie Anderson - When I came to Opelousas I was looking for confirmation that I was doing what God wanted me to do. I thought that I needed to have it all planned out in order for it to work. I learned that when God calls you to do something you should not question but trust that he will give you what you need to complete the task. I was reminded over and over that life is all about love, not the easy kind of love but loving so much that it hurts. 1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.




Miranda Fischer

 Miranda Fischer - One of the best moments for me during our SSP to Opelousas was when I went back into the schools. These three students remembered me from last year and I can't even begin to explain how I felt when they told me my picture was still up in their classroom. They have an incredible teacher. I love these boys. By having them remember me, it has shown me and made me realize that I did make a difference and that I did have an impact on some kids last year. The fact that they remembered me fills my face with a never ending smile. A little piece of my heart will always be in Opelousas.




Jenna Harms




Jenna Harms - One of my favorite memories from being in Opelousas for a third year is getting dunked in the dunk tank by some familiar faces. It is so awesome to get to connect with people who you have met before. Lakeisha Lyle and Tavian Guilbeaux are two faces that I am going to miss a lot!! Can't wait to see y'all again someday soon.