New Beginning


When our church plant first started in August of 2014 we had a core team in place, supporting churches to help us, and some great contacts in the community! The only thing we lacked was a place to meet. It was important to us to still meet inside the city of Opelousas but at this point none of our core time had finished relocating. That’s when Hope for Opelousas stepped in. HFO graciously allowed us to meet in their newly acquired “Red House" for several months as we began our church. We made great memories there, and it provided an excellent stepping stone for our congregation into the city of Opelousas. We’ve since relocated several families inside the city, have continued to build quality relationships with others, and we’ve managed to add several locals to our congregation as well. Thank you HFO, we couldn’t have done it without your initial support!!

-Pastor Stuart Amidon