Picture of Progress

This picture was taken during our mission week last spring. As we worked with the kids in the Hill each afternoon we could see the adults in the area observing curiously. I'm sure it must have been a sight to see from their point of view. Thirty white people asking for permission to play with their kids and continuing to come day after day. We not only played with the kids but had the opportunity of meeting neighbors and people that were warm and welcoming that were genuinely moved by our efforts. The majority of white people in our town would tell you that if a white person when into the Hill they would be lucky to make it out alive! Well we didn't just make it out alive physically we left feeling more alive than words could describe. Bringing ourselves and the love of Christ, we experienced a response that broke down stereotypes in our hearts and I'm certain in the hearts of those we encountered. The last day of our work in the Hill all of the neighbors got together and cooked a meal for our workers from Northwestern college. Now in Louisiana that is the truest display of acceptance and gratitude. This was a picture of one of our college leaders Derrick, and "Bull" from the Hill, working together to get a ball off of this trailer for the kids. A simple picture but to me a picture of progress!