Reality of Childhood in the Hill

Do you remember the Jr. High years of life? I remember how in some ways it was social torture. Learning how to relate to peers, the opposite sex, and struggling with parents made these years very awkward. Take those same struggles multiplied with the anxieties of one of our students:

Mom gets engaged to live-in boyfriend

Electricity turned off because can't pay bills

Eviction notice served

Fiancé arrested for drug and possession of a weapon charge

Evicted from home

Forced to move out of his house to live with Grandmother

What do you think your GPA might be?

These issues and many we may be too frightened to think about are common place for our students. Innocence is lost at an early age for our students and life can seem very cold.

This is why the work we do at HFO is so important. "Love Changes Everything." First of all this student will be loved through these trying times. If HFO wasn't here this student would have no outlet to process his situation and no one to walk with him through it. Also, if HFO wasn't here this student wouldn't have the example and encouragement to have Hope for his future. We are advocates of Hope for the people we serve and daily we are finding ourselves being changed most by the process.

Love changes everything, even us!


Loren Carriere

Executive Director

P.S. Thanks for your support!