Reflections: Northwestern College Mission Team (Skyler Hill-Norby)


335 We were told “Love Changes Everything”. Despite multiple encounters with the same sort of thing I was, yet again, surprised with just how true of a statement that was.  I expected to see glimpses of this in the kids, which I did.  I had little girls take my hand and lead me to their art projects, and there were a few special boys that came up and wrapped their arms around me.  The love that these kids had been shown throughout the past few years had changed them.  It smoothed out somewhat-jagged edges and opened their hearts to love.

Opelousas became my town.  The “Hope House” became my home.  The NWC 2014 group became my family and the idea that “Love Changes Everything” became my mission.  Although I leave this place now, the memories, experiences, friendships, and life lessons I have from this place will last me a lifetime. It’s been good. Thanks for everything.

-Skyler Hill-Norby. Freshman, Northwestern College