The Usual Suspects: Praying and Hoping

You know something good is cooking over here at HFO when we ask for prayers! That something good seems to be every day, even when we don't realize it. I bet God is watching us scramble around, attempting to pick up HIS ingredients to put them into OUR pot.

"Oh yeah, Trust would be perfect right about now!!"

And then He nods. And maybe laughs.


Well, we are pumping out some fierce hope over here, and this is where we are longing to hear your support and prayers.

Turns out that a property right next-door to the Hill-House has become available for purchase. This would mean expansion. As in, easily doubling our programming overnight. BAM. We got a chance to walk around and saw a beautiful opportunity: a big kitchen central to the whole house with doors leading into a spacious bathroom, potential intern spaces, office and computer labs, a game room. Plus, tall ceilings and plenty of storage make this baby feel like the HFO Loft!


We want it. We want to fill it with kids and learning and love. Pray for us in this big hope, and let's see the other ingredients God tosses our way!!