Update: Past Agents of Hope

Four years ago we created a program called "Agents of Hope". This program takes students that are juniors or seniors from local high schools and pays them to be our crew of mentors while preparing them for the next steps after college. This program has been graciously funded from its inception by our friends at the Pugh Family Foundation. Their leadership and wisdom has helped us continue to improve our programing and for that we are forever grateful.

Recently they asked if we could give an update on some of our Agents to see how they were doing. This prompted us to do a survey to all past AOH staff and what we have learned has blown us away.


Today we are highlighting Mr. Jersten Seraile, 2012 Graduate:

1. What has been your educational journey since high school?

I attended a two-year conservatory riding a full scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Within my program I’ve participated in many shows including; Othello, Macbeth, Henry V, August Wilson plays. After gradution I chose to stay in NY and this fall I’m transferring to the NY Urban Life school, where I will pursue my BA or BSA. My full scholarship will transfer to this new institution. I plan to audition for Julliard in January 2015.

2. What is your current vocation?

I am currently living in Louis Delaware, working for Clear Space Theater Co. This fall our tour will be preforming Oliver and the Full Monte.

3. Tell us about your major life experiences since high school.

Moving to New York was a major life experience. It made me love Louisiana even more. I have found that it has helped me transition into adulthood, causing me to become more responsible.

4. Has there been a formative experience or take away from your time as an Agents of Hope that has helped you since graduation?

The thing that has helped me the most is the patience I learned working with difficult students. This has helped me to achieve my goals. Big goals don’t happen fast. Even if I don’t reach my goal, I just need to work hard and know results will follow. Working with HFO kids helped me mature as an individual. It made me a leader working with kids from my hometown.

5. What current goals are you in pursuit of?

I really want to finish up with school and begin my career and become a successful actor. I am interested in starting a theater program down south for kids that come from a poor neighborhood.

6. What would you want to tell our donors?

This program is changing the lives of kids who feel like they are in a place where they are unable to succeed. It’s a doorway to a better life of opportunity and guidance for their future. It gave me the guidance to work hard and pursue my dreams. Before HFO I was just focused on graduation and getting a job but it called the leader out of me and helped me mature to value education.. Looking up to other college interns made me want to be like them. HFO is giving kids a chance to succeed!