Why I Volunteer at HFO!

Compiled by Emanuel Woods, High School Director

"I absolutely love volunteering at HFO! Because of its family-based nature, that aspect always makes me feel welcome and a part of the family. I enjoy working with the directors and the kids, in which it gives me an opportunity to learn more about their personalities. Lastly, I admire what HFO stands for "Love changes everything." I am forever grateful to be a part of a change that is bigger than me. 

-LaQuinta Payne, UL Student



I want to serve, simple as that 😉 I can't do enough for Christ and this is the least I can do to love God - love Him through loving others. Also, my calling is to be a teacher and this is just an extension of that calling. It is an absolute joy working with young people and serving alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ.

- Jade Johnston, MACA Teacher