You've been left out-

But no longer! We were sadly remiss last semester on taking some time to introduce you to a few of our favorite employees. The ‘Agents of Hope’ interns have quickly become vital members of the yellow house family, and we hope you have not forgotten about them! If you are unsure about what this program is, check it out here.

So today, I am very pleased to shine a little light on the spring 2012 ‘Agents of Hope’. . .

We all get to have a hand in working with these interns—Kristina plans the tutoring expectations and schedules, Loren provides feedback and accountability for the work accomplished, and I (an intern-of-sorts myself) have the great privilege to befriend, mentor, and challenge these incredible young adults in a weekly discussion time. We research college scholarships, learn how to construct resumes, and talk about the truths of growing up. This semester we are also reading a book together, and I encourage you to look into it!  The Kai'Ro Project


Briah Mayo:

Last semester we hired Briah’s twin sister, and we are doubly blessed in our “discovery” of the Mayo girls! Briah is a self-titled nerd who also manages to play basketball and stand up to our feisty middle-school boys. I love the gentleness and warmth that Briah shares with us.  Whether she decides to go into nursing or business, I know peers and clients alike will find her a treasure. Next to her tendency for quiet and tidiness, Briah’s dream to try bungee jumping is impressive . . . but I think that field trip will have to wait for a more adventurous chaperone . . .

McKenzie Brown:

I have learned that McKenzie has the gift of curiosity . . . in abundance. I am so impressed by her thoughtfulness and uninhabited questions, which will serve her well as she works to become an electrical engineer. McKenzie describes herself as mystical and quiet, but I will also tell you that she is a great conversationalist with a ready laugh. A member of the OHS dance team, a fan of competition and a hopeful LSU freshman this fall, McKenzie tutors one of our 8th graders with commendable patience!

 Bryan Tyler:

Bryan is a generous young man who shares his thoughts easily and gives great suggestions for local restaurants. While Bryan plans to go to LSUE to be certified in fire safety, he dreams of owning a coffee shop to host jazz musicians and poetry slams. A true high school student, Bryan loves eating pizza and hanging out with his friends in his down time, but Bryan also has a great work ethic. He always seems to be opening doors for me or asking Loren how to do a new task.

 Karlotta Fruge’:

An Opelousas debutante, Karlotta would say that her heart still belongs to her home state of Texas. Karlotta loves her English class and sharing book suggestions with me—a girl after my own heart! She hopes to live in Baton Rouge after finishing college as a “classy” paralegal. It’s no surprise to hear week after week about new school activities Karlotta is involved in, and projects she’s checking off her list. The students she works with have a great example in her organization and studying techniques, which I am sure they are thrilled to try!

Wilbert Rosette:

Wilbert pronounced himself “very loyal” this past week, which does not shock me at all. He takes a beating from our elementary students—answering demands for games of “gotcha,” “Jenga,” and flashcard competitions. The truth is that Wilbert’s willingness and generosity are a wonderful example to our kids. He owns the OHS band family as one of his favorite parts of his home town; it’s no wonder since he plays several instruments and travels competitively as a leader in the brass section. Wilbert hopes to support a family of his own someday by working in non-destructive testing.

Each of these students has a real heart to contribute to the people around them, and a maturity we greatly appreciate. We hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.