Meet the Interns- Warren Tefft

   What’s up guys! My name is Warren Tefft and I’m recent Bryan College grad with a

Bachelor’s in Math Education. Bryan College is in Dayton, TN, the site of the Scopes

monkey trial and is about 45 minutes north of Chattanooga.

This summer I’m teaching math to the high schoolers at Hope for Opelousas.

    My plan for this summer is to prepare students for the class they are going to take

during the school year and to help refresh some concepts they may have forgotten

or struggle with. Some of the concepts we are going over include order of

operations, combining like terms, exponents, fractions, and linear equations. I’m

hoping to target more specific concepts for the classes they are going into during the

last couple days. The classes range from Algebra I to Advanced Math, another way of

saying Pre-Calculus.

    I think HFO is a great place. The staff here is great and they are really

dedicated to getting the students to better themselves. The students that go here

love it and so do the people working here, making an awesome atmosphere. It’s nice

being able to get more comfortable with my style of teaching in such a chill place.

After this summer, I’ll be returning to Chattanooga to teach Math at Ooltewah

High School. I will also be working on finishing my MBA and be looking for

opportunities for professional development in teaching.