Mission Teams 

Interested in a group excursion?!

 HFO has had the honor of regularly hosting mission teams from local churches and colleges around the country.

Visiting teams stay at ‘Hope House,’ owned and offered by Hope Presbyterian Church of Opelousas. This beautiful house boasts 20 beds, a full kitchen, and laundry and bathroom accommodations. Hope Presbyterian Church allows teams working with HFO to utilize this house for a $150 cleaning fee. This resource makes serving with us a very inexpensive domestic mission opportunity.

HFO has hosted mission teams from as far away as Tennessee, Iowa, and Washington states, and as close as the city of Lafayette, with many more sure to follow.  HFO has hosted mission teams of junior high students, college students, and adult volunteers of up to 30 members. We are open to families, church groups, or college teams—if you have a group interested, we’d love to be in contact!

We see this as an opportunity to have a larger impact on our city, but also as an opportunity for the gospel to impact the world through the people who come to serve with HFO.  Service teams are always looking for new areas to develop relationships, and we are so grateful for any opportunity to partner with groups.

Projects for trips are unique to the skill set of each team and the needs of our community at the time. We try to take advantage of team-work as a way to impact the whole city of Opelousas, often partnering with various agencies. This also serves as a great introduction to urban communities and southern hospitality for our visitors. 

For more information and to discuss possible dates, please fill out a contact form or give us a call!