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Hope for Opelousas understands how hard it is to live in the world—feeling hopeless in the face of pain and suffering is something so many people are intimately familiar with. We all ask the tough questions:

What can we do?  Where do we start? It all seems so big.

HFO believes that everyone wants to see change; all we need are some avenues to get started. Part of our hope at HFO is to be one of those avenues—a place where you can get involved because we already have friends to introduce you to, to-do lists to accomplish, and hopes and dreams that need encouragement.

HFO needs our volunteers, but we also believe that our volunteers need to serve. Hear the testimonies for yourself, and you can see just how much these students are impacting our lives.  HFO is run entirely with donor funds and is supported by local volunteers from varying backgrounds; we are an incorporated, 501c-3 approved, nonprofit organization.

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