“God is first, others second, and I’m third.”
— Kids Across America Motto

Each summer, HFO students and staff go to Branson Missouri for an adventure camp called Kids Across America.  This week-long experience provides opportunities for swimming, hiking, climbing and Christian fellowship. 

KAA is a Christian Sports Camp for urban youth doing ministry since the 80’s. Activities for our kids include: archery, art, basketball, baseball, cheer, dance, football, golf, gospel rap, ski tubing, spoken word, swimming, tree-tops, zip-line, and many others. While enjoying activities our kids are led by college counselors hand -picked to love and lead our kids during their stay at camp. During camp many critiques of popular culture happen, and a new vision for a redeemed culture is put on display. This redeemed culture is saturated with the idea that, “God is first, others second, and I’m third.”

During camp we had several students awarded for leadership and heart. And most importantly we had many students making decisions to follow Christ and seeking out forgiveness and repentance. Thanks for your prayers and support. Our vision is to see several buses each summer loaded full of kids from Opelousas, traveling to KAA to hear and be transformed by the gospel. Then to see these young people begin to change this community from the inside out. Love is a movement!