Loren Carriere, Executive Director

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Loren has been a part of the Hope for Opelousas family since 2008, and considers HFO to be his joy and calling. He enjoys the many varying roles of Executive Director, which include leading and encouraging the staff, pouring into the lives of the students, and sharing about the good work HFO is doing.

Loren believes deeply that the real change for our students’ lives will only come from knowing God, “whose love is the thing we search for in so many places but we will only find in His arms. Sharing and living this good news is the only song my life can sing!”

Loren is a self-proclaimed optimist, and his passion and fervor for life is evident in all that he does. Outside of HFO, Loren can be found spending quality time with his wife, Tory, and their three young children, Ivy, Autumn and Loren Jr. A graduate of the University of Louisiana, Loren’s interests bounce from hiking and canoeing to meeting new people, and enjoying great coffee. Right now his weekends are also filled with fixing up a fantastic old house, soon to be called “home.”

Loren’s very own Hope for Opelousas, in his own words:

“Love, joy, hope and success. I want to see our young men take responsibility for their own success and become husbands, fathers and mentors of other young men. I want our ladies to know their value, reach their potential and pass on their passion to the next generation.”